WHA?? You heard right.  Quick, delicious, and an easy go-to treat that you can feel a tad less guilty about.



YELLOW, LEMON, OR WHITE CUPCAKES – bake them from scratch or use a boxed cake mix.  If using a store bought mix, be sure to check the ingredients label and choose one that does NOT contain milk.  Feeling a little extra health conscious?  Substitute egg whites for whole eggs and use applesauce, coconut oil, or plain soy yogurt in place of the veg oil.

COCONUT MILK VANILLA YOGURT – I love the So Delicious brand.

FRESH RASPBERRIES – Rinsed and ready.  Fresh is recommended, but frozen can work too.  Just make sure you gently thaw them (in fridge or on counter) beforehand.



The concept is simple.  Get a cup.  Slice your cupcake into thirds horizontally.  Layer a slice of cake, a dollop of yogurt, then some fresh raspberries.  Repeat 2x.  EAT!



Try different flavor combinations –different cakes, different flavored yogurts, different fresh fruits.  (FYI for those without nut allergies – almond milk yogurt is also delish.  I recommend the Amande brand.)

A convenient way to keep cupcakes on hand –after they’ve cooled completely, place them in a freezer Ziploc bag and freeze them!  I usually do this with the paper liners still on the cupcakes and they peel off fine later.  I also will zip up most of the bag and then, with small opening that’s unzipped, I’ll suck out as much air as I can then zip it up quick.  It’s like a homemade-wannabe-vacuum seal.  Makes for saving freezer space and there’s less chance of freezer burn/odors affecting the cakes.

Another reason I keep frozen homemade cupcakes on hand?  Makes for easy, last minute access when my son is invited to a party where he can’t eat the celebratory cake.  I’ve even frozen them frosted/sprinkled many times and they thaw out great!

We consume our frozen cupcakes usually within 3 weeks.  How long will your frozen cupcakes “officially” last?  I don’t know – I don’t run a lab with food testing. 😉 Just use your good judgment.