One of my favorite go-to breakfasts.  This is especially wonderful using artisan bread and leftover Thanksgiving or Christmas ham.



WHOLE WHEAT BREAD  (Or any bread you feel like, including gluten free varieties.)

LARGE EGGS  (Organic and cage free preferred, but any will do.)

OIL for cooking, if needed

Sliced HAM

GROUND BLACK PEPPER  (Salt is unnecessary because of the ham.)



Place your bread in the toaster, set to whatever crispness you like.

Cook your egg over easy.  If you don’t know how to do this, here’s a little tutorial I found for you –  (Just use oil instead of butter.)

Lay the ham onto your toast, then gently lay your egg on top and serve.



You can cover the pan for 20 seconds or so to help firm up the top side of the egg a little… it’ll be easier to flip the egg with less risk of breaking the yolk.

If you don’t like your yolk runny you can, of course, cook the egg all the way through.  Just please don’t overcook your eggs– eggs weren’t meant to be eaten dry!  (Says me.)