We eat this chicken salad either on whole wheat bread, wrapped in cold lettuce leaves, or scooped up with crackers.  It is a well loved comfort food in our home.  The trick here is to pack in diced/minced veggies so the kids don’t realize they’re there….or if they do, they can’t pick anything out. 😉     


Makes enough for 4 Sandwiches



One 12.5 oz can of lightly drained CANNED CHICKEN  (Or use the equivalent of your own cooked & salted chicken– slow-cooked, boiled, leftovers, etc.  Roasted whole chickens taste the best for this, in my opinion.)


Two tablespoons MAYONNAISE  (The good ol’ regular, full-fat kind.  You’ll often find milk ingredients in the low-fat or fat-free ones.  Always check labels!)

One to two teaspoons MUSTARD  (Yellow, spicy brown, dijon….whatever you fancy.)

One tablespoon minced ONION  (Red, white, yellow, sweet…again, whatever you’re feeling that day.  Or use one to two SCALLIONS, diced.)

Two stalks of CELERY, washed and diced

Half cup of diced TOMATOES  (Today I used tomatoes, but I’ll add whatever I have on hand that day….diced CARROTS, diced CUCUMBER, diced RED BELL PEPPER, etc.)

Some chopped, drained PEPPEROCINIS or JARRED TAMED JALAPENOS + a tablespoon or two if its juice  (Optional, but strongly recommended because it adds great flavor!)




Combine all ingredients in a large bowl until well combined.  Make sure there’s enough moisture so it holds together decently when scooped.  You may need to add a little more of a wet ingredient to get there.  (Just choose one of the above.)  Chill before serving.



Notice I said “lightly drained” canned chicken?  If you’re using canned chicken, be sure not to drain the heck out of it.  You want to keep some of that moisture for when you’re mixing.

There is no added salt because there should be plenty of salt from the chicken, mayo, and pepperocini/jalapeno juice.

Notice how little mayo there is in this version??  We reduce the mayo so we can take advantage of the fullness of other natural flavors!  This chicken salad won’t stick together like glue, but it should still hold together well enough to eat comfortably… and it has so much more flavor. 🙂