A little sweet and salty, tart and tangy, this is a great side-dish companion to any BBQ style entree.  I personally like my slaw diced but you can shred it if you fancy.  


Makes approximately 8 Servings



Half a large head of green CABBAGE – diced, rinsed, and drained  (Feel free to use some purple cabbage too for color.)

Two large CARROTS – peel and julienne (using a mandolin is easiest), then roughly chopped

Five SCALLIONS, rinsed and chopped

Two large GRANNY SMITH APPLES, deseeded and diced

Two or three tablespoons MAYONNAISE  (Make sure your mayo has no dairy in it.  It is common for reduced fat/fat free varieties to contain milk products.  The mayo in this recipe is also optional– see “Tips” below.)

One tablespoon real APPLE CIDER VINEGAR

Drizzle of HONEY

SALT and BLACK PEPPER to taste



Combine all of your ingredients in a large bowl and mix well.  Add more veggies, apples, or seasonings as desired.  Refrigerate until ready to serve.



Mayo adds a little creaminess and IS optional.  You are welcome to omit the mayo and add a little more vinegar and honey/sugar instead.