Festive, colorful, fresh, and easy for the kids to decorate!



Any flavor cake (vanilla, lemon, yellow, strawberry, chocolate – either use a cake mix that does not contain milk or make the batter from scratch.  My personal opinion is that from scratch is always better and safer!)

One pint fresh blueberries, washed

One pint fresh STRAWBERREIS, washed and halved

White frosting (store bought containing no milk or from scratch.  Try it with my Chocolate Coconut Frosting recipe, omitting the cocoa powder to keep it white!)



Bake cake as directed.  Allow to cool completely.

Spread frosting on cake.

Arrange berries as desired.



Many people make it into an American flag by using the blueberries only in the upper left corner for stars and the strawberries as stripes.  I personally like to have blueberry and strawberry in every slice. 😉

Using different varieties of fresh sliced fruit (such as sliced kiwis, oranges, grapes, peaches, etc.) is a great way to add natural, colorful decorations to desserts.  Use this type of cake decorating for any occasion!