From the moment I took that first, crispy bite of a Biscoff cookie 16+ years ago while riding on a Delta airplane, I have been a dedicated fan ever since.  Years later, I was elated to find that we could still partake of these cookies even with our dairy/nut allergies!  *Sigh.  Cookie love.  These are so simple, yet pretty.  You can package these up to make elegant little gifts.  




ENJOY LIFE CHOCOLATE CHIPS  (Or GUITTARD semi-sweet or dark chocolate chips if your milk allergy is mild.)

SPRINKLES  (Check label to make sure it was not produced in a facility with nut products.)



In a microwave safe bowl, microwave the chocolate chips for about 30 seconds.  Give it a stir.  Microwave again for 15 second.  Stir thoroughly.  If using mini chocolate chips then one more nuke for 10 seconds should do it.  If your choc chips are larger, just keep going at 10-15 second increments, stirring thoroughly after each nuke until the chocolate is melted and smooth.  (BE CAREFUL not to overheat the chocolate or it will BURN and must be thrown out.)

Lay out a large sheet of parchment paper (or wax paper…I always prefer parchment though) on the counter top.

One at a time dip the end of your cookies into the melted chocolate, allowing the excess to drip off, then add some sprinkles and lay the cookie down on the parchment paper to set.



These are SO GOOD dipped in Soymilk Hot Cocoa.

Use different colored sprinkles for different holidays.