Way back in the day when Taco Bell first came out with their 7-layer burrito, I (as a child) thought it was the most amazing fast food item on the planet.  While my adult taste buds have evolved, the fond childhood memory of this “delicacy”  has stayed with me.  Therefore, I decided to record a dairy free spin-off of the 7-layer burrito…one that I REALLY enjoy now.



FLOUR TORTILLAS  (I prefer the uncooked ones sold at the store. The multigrain uncooked ones are delicious as well and are not as heavy as whole wheat tortillas.  Of course, homemade is always delish if you have the time!)

PREPARED BEANS  (Pinto or Black Beans prepared from scratch are my preferences, but use canned refried beans for a quick alternative.  Note I always buy the Fat Free version because it only contains beans and salt.)

MEXICAN RICE  (Click HERE to see my recipe for it.)

Sliced AVOCADOS or FRESH GUACAMOLE  (Homemade guac is always my preference, but for a quick alternative use WHOLLY GUACAMOLE, which can be purchased at the grocery store and has no preservatives…you’ll see that the ingredient list is fairly basic.)

FRESH SALSA  (homemade or your favorite store bought)

LETTUCE, any kind rinsed and shredded  (Today I felt like using crisp iceberg.)

TOMATOES, rinsed and chopped

SCALLIONS, rinsed and chopped




Pretty self explanatory – layer the ingredients on the cooked tortillas, roll ’em up, and chow down!



When using canned refried beans, I like to warm it up and stir in some salsa.  It makes it easier to spread and adds extra flavor.