Can’t use butter for allergy or dietary reasons??  No worries!  Below are ideas on how we swap out butter in our home.  I’ll continue to add to this list as I find new substitutes and preferences. 


For Spreading:

When it comes to things like toast or rolls, we use Smart Balance Light, which can be found at most grocery stores. (Make sure it’s the LIGHT version–other versions contain whey!)  Earth Balance vegan variety is our second choice and can be found at various grocery stores.  Locally I’ve seen these sold at Smith’s, Good Earth, Walmart, and Harmons!

Use the same spreads listed above to make different flavored “butters,” like whipped honey butter and garlic butter.

Coconut Oil (I prefer virgin or extra virgin) and Shortening is excellent for frostings on baked goods!

Soymilk, Ricemilk, Orange juice, etc. all work great instead of milk for simple icings/glazes.

Found this recipe for a dairy-free butter made from a blend of coconut oil, EVOO, and salt.  I haven’t tried it yet but I am intrigued, so I will give it a go and update here.

Light Coconut Oil (is a less pure coconut oil, does not have a coconut flavor!) melted down is great tossed with fresh popped popcorn.


For Baking:

Coconut Oil (I prefer to use Extra Virgin)

Light or Regular Olive Oil

Water or Soymilk instead of milk

Other moisture substitutes in baked goods (like muffins, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, etc.) such as Applesauce, Soy Yogurt, Pureed Prunes, Pureed Blueberries, Vegan Sour Cream, etc.

Nucoa is my #1 non-dairy margarine in stick form, mostly used for cookie recipes.

Earth Balance is very similar to Nucoa.

We use Shortening for things like homemade biscuits and pie crust.


For Cooking:

Olive oil, Soy Yogurt, Pureed Pumpkin, Pureed Fruits when making pancake or waffle batter.

I almost always use regular Olive Oil for sauteing.  For certain foods that require higher heating methods (such as pan frying in a cast iron skillet) I’ll use Canola or Grapeseed oil.

I use Coconut Oil or Nucoa for no-bake cookies.

I use Nucoa or Earth Balance when boiling with sugar, like when I’m making a soft toffee or a “caramel” sauce.